The technology BIOLIE encompasses technological, economical, regulatory and environmental advantages. BIOLIE offers to its client an on-demand adaptation of the process to the type of vegetal but also to preferentially extract a target compound.

Technology :

  • Craking of vegetal and obtention of several products in one step
  • Vegetal oils with high contents in nutriments (polyphenols, vitamin E, sterols…)
  • Improved yields compared with technologies implying solvents
  • Adaptable to all types of vegetals and all parts of vegetals.

Economy :

  • Position in the market of “hexan-free”
  • Easy-industrialization process

Regulation :

  • Possibility to request the “Organic” label for our products
  • Possibility to use on request certified enzymes (kacher, hallal…)

Environment :

  • Reduction of VOC emission
  • Clean technology based on the combined use of water and enzymes: our impact on
    the environment is very limited.