R&D Contracts

BIOLIE as a unique expertise in enzymatic extraction of oils and active molecules from vegetals.Close up of laboratory treatment

You are an industrial company developing, producing or selling natural ingredients for the markets of beauty, health, and nutrition;

You are looking for a new innovating solution for the extraction of natural ingredients to:

  • Substitute current extraction technologies (hexan, supercritical CO2, ethanol…)
  • Complete your existing extraction process
  • Valorize by-products or wastes from agriculture or food industries
  • ……

BIOLIE can help you to make a difference from your competitive suppliers with its unique technology, and develop your products on-demand.

[spoiler title=”R&D Feasibility”]BIOLIE proposes first to test the enzymatic extraction on your raw material to evaluate the
yields associated with the starting material and the desired product. BIOLIE will provide you with its expertise in the extraction ingredients with its patented technology.
Submit your scope statement![/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”R&D Optimization”]BIOLIE proposes then to optimize the yields of extraction to lower costs of production by
adapting the enzymatic cocktail formulated for your association substrate/target product. We will optimize the working parameters of the process (milling, reaction media conditions…) to fulfill your requests.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”R&D Pilot Lab”]BIOLIE proposes to run a pilot-production (up to 25Kg of starting material) to validate yields of extraction, quality of products, process parameters and obtain a product fulfilling your scope of statement.[/spoiler]


Respect of deadlines : our expertise and our reactivity will ensure a fast and precise answer for our client’s needs.

Confidentiality : we are committed to our client, and we ensure a full respect of trust by signing a confidentiality contract on simple request.